Berenice Smith, MA graphic designer and stained glass artist

A designer and creative exploring social communication through design. Past projects include visual representations of synaesthesia and developing a typeface based on a rural vernacular.

Walk in our Shoes keeps moving

Walk in our Shoes continues to offer support to people suffering with childlessness not by choice or pregnancy loss. The site was featured on the BBC News in response to the Motherhood Challenge, a tagging of successful mothers that caused much upset. Interestingly one of the outcomes I observed was that mothers who were not tagged felt excluded. An interesting subversion of the situations that those who cannot have children often find themselves in. 

This feature generated a lot of interest and new contributions to the site. It’s great to get new work and, having been through this journey myself, I realise this takes much courage. Each entry on the site has the power to change an opinion or let someone else know that they are not alone. We welcome your words.

I should add that all contributions are completely anon. I can’t track anyone back which sounds a little odd perhaps in any other subject matter but I felt that privacy on every level had to be respected. This means that the contributor email address is buried in data that can’t be accessed. It is also useful for me too. It means that the people who sent in images of their newborn children didn’t get a response from me and I was able to be proactive, delete the emails and move on. The wording on the website has changed a little to reflect these teething problems and misunderstandings.

I’ve also added in my own story and my husband has published his words on there too. He’s also helping me with the content and adding a view from the opposite sex. We know that men are affected and were moved by the words of Martin who emailed us over Christmas.

There is also a Facebook page and the work of the site is being tweeted via @berenicehsmith, do follow and share.